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self-publishing and zine making, you have total creative freedom to express yourself and create without limitations. You don’t have to worry about the restrictions or demands of a publisher or an online platform, and you can explore themes and styles that might otherwise be difficult to find in the marketplace.

Zines are an accessible and affordable form of art and culture. By making your own zines, you can reach a wider and more diverse audience that might not have access to other types of publications or art.

Autonomy: By self-publishing and making zines, you have total control over the creation process, from concept to distribution. This allows you to create and distribute your work independently and make your own decisions about how and where to present it.

Fanzines often foster community building, as creators and readers can share common interests, ideas and perspectives. By making zines, you can connect with other creators and readers and become part of a community of people interested in similar topics and styles.

Fanzines allow for experimentation and creative risk-taking. You can try new techniques, styles and themes without worrying about market expectations or mass audiences. This allows you to expand your creative skills and knowledge and do things that might otherwise be difficult to do..





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